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seek whole-some slouch free pattern

March 30, 2009

Yarn: use worsted type wool and 5 DPN in #4 and #5. You can also use magic looper if you prefer.

With #4 needles, cast on 98, PM, carefully joining in the round by making sure there is no twist. K2, P2T for 6 rounds. Switch to #5 needles at the next round.
7. Round: YO, SSK, K2* repeat till the end
8. Round: K2, YO, ssk* repeat till the end
repeat these two rounds until work measures approx. 17 cm then start decrease row as follows:
Next Round: SSK, YO* repeat until marker.
Next Round: knit
Next Round: YO, SSK* repeat until marker
Next Round: knit
repeat these 4 rounds until you have …. stitches on the needle.
Next Round: SSK around
Next round: knit
Next round: SSK
next round: knit
continue until you have 6 loops on your needle.
knit remaining loops for 6 more rounds to create stalk.
Cut yarn, pull through remaining sitches and weave through the back loops to secure.

Wear with pride! 
this pattern is for private use only. No reproduction made for sale allowed. Thank you! 
Please upload photos of your whole-some slouch on my flicker group once you are finished! 

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