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Natural Happiness

April 29, 2009
The New York Times yearly Green Issue Magazine featured an article 2 weeks ago about how environmentalism is actually a self centered case as ‘we human beings are natural-born zoologists and botanist’s who ‘thrive in the presence of nature and suffer in its absence’.
For about 2 years now, we were  living with two dead birch tree trunks in our front yard. But occupied with our busy working lives and being first time parents we didn’t even notice! We thought, the trees were just exceptionally slow growers – they even weathered a hefty icestorm. But last year it finally dawned on us that they in fact had been dead for a long time. 
With an affinity to everything Eastern, i felt the two trees weren’t doing the feng-shui of our house any good, and i started to feel how i wanted to have something vibrant and living and beautiful on our planting strip. Not to mention helping the city and our neighborhood out on their $15 mio. storm water project. 
Yesterday it was finally the day: I was able to witness two people making happiness naturally happen. The Treepeople came, pulled the two pitty full birches out of the lawn – very sad to see their non existent roots – and with much thought, love and care, gave our Cherry Tree a new home. 

with the right tools…

and somewhat heavy artillery, Brian and his colleague 
lifted the 650 pound Kwanzan Cherry tree into its new home.


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One Comment
  1. Damon C. permalink

    Treepeople rules!
    They prune our trees in the fall!

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