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Social media madness

May 12, 2009

Since i have started to get serious about seek with the intention of making it my primary source of income – i couldn’t get around the whole social media aspect. Do i have a Linkedin account? Check. Am i on Facebook? Check. Twitter? Scared at first (will i be able to keep another update hungry ‘what are you doing right now; updated?) but now… check. And even started to write this blog.

Looks like every company, shop, store, consulting business is participating in social media these days. At least all of those who are serious about their business and want it prosper beyond the current economic climate. I don’t even own a business yet, i am just writing the business plan, meet with consultants, network and research and even though i don’t go to work anymore ( i am the casualty of too high operating margins) i hardly find time to keep it all up. I started this blog and changed pace several times already – from craft entries to business info, to front yard projects. I haven’t found my edge yet. Would readers benefit from my experience and what i have researched so far in terms of business? Would you rather look at art and craft projects to get to know me better? I haven’t found the solution yet but i believe i am not the only one struggling with this. I trust that once i get seek of the ground, i know what i am doing on the social media stage and how to connect with you.

First off i found the following article through a Linkedin forum about the ‘7 deadly sins of social media‘ which i found quick, simple and easily digestible.

Twitter: i was scared and i don’t really update it nearly as often as i intended BUT it’s a great resource and helped me in researching data for my business planning process. People put out a plethora of good content that is easily accessible… i would recommend for everyone. Much quicker to the point search results then on googling.

Facebook: on a personal level the best tool to stay in touch with my friends, really. I love it but am restricting the time i am on there – i get sucked in and don’t get anything done too easily. I have the blog contend feed into FB notes which is quite handy and people choose to check those notes out or leave it – so it’s not too invasive or too much information.

Linkedin: great for business contacts and connections and lots of dialog with recruiters. I am in a couple of groups there but haven’t really engaged in them. Do i need to?

So, will go and do something productive with my hands now… it’s about time 🙂


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