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Summer summer summer time!

May 31, 2009

Summer is finally here! And we are all enjoying spending time outside. You think i’d spend all day outside to soak up the sun, but something is preventing it right now: sewing. I have been buying some funtastic and inspiring books about sewing. Leona’s dress is a pattern from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. Check out her blog here. If you are remotely thinking about getting your feet wet sewing garments (or getting back into it), here are the “patterns” you should be looking into. Patterns are in inverted commas for 1. and 2. because you don’t need them. No sewing preparation you can jump straight in. yeah!

1. Lazy day skirt:

It’s a free pattern by Lisl Gibson maybe better known by the founder of Oliver+S designs. These skirts are very quick, fun and super easy. Gratifying!

2. Smocked sundress by Heather Ross.

If you are contemplating weather to buy the book or not, do – you won’t regret it. But, i just found it for free here. And check out the how to video here from the Martha Stewart show.

3. Mendocino Sundress. This one is for us, Ladies! It’s another one of Heather Ross’s and it’s free! Download it here and get your machines ready. I just finished my first one but haven’t photographed it yet. But have my mind set on at least two more versions. Again super simple to make and so gratifying!!!

4. Everyting for the little ones from Oliver+S

Nice, contemporary and easy to follow instructions. With all the lovely fabrics out there, you might want to sew up several! L. is a bit too small for it – i stupidly omited measuring her first but she’ll grow into it. Gives me just the excuse to sew more! This one is the bubble dress design.

Let me know what you think and check out the flickr groups from Heather Ross and Oliver+S for more inspiration!
Get your sewing machines out, friends!


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  1. A&B permalink

    I am so inspired by Oliver+S…….I haven’t tried any of the patterns, but just completely inspired by their marketing and illustrations. Thanks for sharing!

  2. TangerineSamurai permalink

    Hi A;) Oliver+S are super! Very inspiring. Turns out i made all of the dresses to big for L. But she’ll grow into them…. The sewing bug bit me big time and i am absolutely loving it!

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