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If i count my blessings, i count you twice*

June 22, 2009

* irish proverb



Even though we have never really made a big fuss, yesterday’s Father’s Day still gave me opportunity to honor and acknowledge how blessed i am. I at least tend to loose sight of how lucky i actually am. So please excuse if i take this space to count my blessings:

  1.  thank you for being you! 
  2. thank you for letting me be me! 
  3. thank you for singing songs to Leona. 
  4. thank you for never asking why i didn’t get to do the laundry, iron shirts, clean up the kitchen, etc…. i do that myself anyways. 
  5. thank you for coming home every evening to see Leona before she goes to bed. * thank you for supporting me in all my endeavors whole heartedly. 
  6. thank you for being my strongest advocate. 
  7. thank you for always putting things into perspective. 
  8. thank you for taking out the trash, cooking chicken skewers and making awesome sweet potato fries (amongst other things of course – that’s just your favorite right now ;)).
  9. thank you for letting me be your ‘facebook manager.
  10. Thank you for being there for me always – I love you!
  11. Thank you for blow drying Leona’s hair 🙂



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  1. Great post!

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