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July 8, 2009


I watched yesterday’s Michael Jackson Memorial. All of it. I admit, i cried my eyes out. MJ has been a huge influence in my life. Many years ago (i was maybe 10) Iclaimed to be the biggest MJ fan of all. I had my room plastered in posters of him. You could hardly find a bare spot on the wall – it was so extreme, my mother wouldn’t come into my room because she felt observed by him. I collected every single magazine clipping and glued them in big albums. I was convinced i’d marry him, and be the mother of at least 12 kids he wanted so he could play soccer. 

I am a cancer. They daydream a lot.

At some point i stopped collecting magazine clippings. Everything I read about him was too freaky. At some point I even threw out all of my albums. I even stopped listening to his music. I was upset about his plastic surgery obsession. It wasn’t cool any more to listen to his music. One day my husband found a white glove in a box and made jokes. Today i am proud of  my Michael Jackson crush. 

Yesterday’s memorial depicted MJ like a human being and not the freak. Listening to the people who knew him, gave a glimpse of what he might have been like. Hearing his daughter speak broke my heart. 

What this experience shows me, is how important it is to be ‘impeccable with your word’. Today’s media, in the means of ‘telling the truth’, is giving out information about people (celebrities) which are solely interpretation. I –  the reader – don’t know anything about Michael Jackson. Or any celebrity for that matter. The only thing i know for sure is that i liked his music. Now, I listen to his songs again. I listen to his lyrics which are filled with positive energy, hope and the wish for Better. Anything else is just assumption. Maybe that’s why i cried so much? Because i was one to judge and ridicule?

Anyways – enough of the heavy stuff. In MJ’s memory, i made these stencils for tees that Leona and i wore yesterday. We took the picture in the morning before the Memorial. I wasn’t really doing too well on the smiling front….


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