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Goodies from Japan

July 10, 2009



Last week two gorgeous Japanese sewing pattern books arrived! You have no idea how excited i was when i saw the package in my post box. I have been researching japanese pattern books through the internet for a while and got really inspired especially through the Makesomething blog. If you haven’t read it yet – do so, Karyn’s work is absolutely gorgeous and reading her blog is so inspiring! She has the perfect job! 

Above book is Girly Style Wardrobe. A selection of stylish girls patterns. Even though not having english or german instructions seemed a bit intimidating at first. The book is clearly structured and the styles are named by letters so that the patterns on the sheet are easily identifiable for our eyes as well. The japanese are very visual, their instructions are step-by-step illustrations so it should work without too many problems.  But judge for yourself in a couple of weeks. I can’t decide yet which of the patterns to do first, but love the little 3/4 sleeve shirt – will need to get some shirting fabric because all the quilting cottons aren’t really appropriate. 



I bought some light weight quilting cotton at Cool Cottons from Heather Ross’s Mendocino collection. It’s a fishy mermaid squid design – and want to transform it into a simple little sundress from another japanese pattern magazine that arrived at the same time as Girly Style Wardrobe. It’s a pretty nice concept – Girl and Mom designs in the same pattern book – Mama and Girls Summer Clothes. The designs look quite simple – am looking forward to get going on it.

I bought the two books through Yesasia and ebay. But through Pompadour Craft Cafe it’s much easier, the selection and prices are better! I had a sizing question and emailed her, she responded quickly which made the whole process very pleasurable.


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