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February Lady in July

July 15, 2009


It is mid of July and i casted on a Merino Wool sweater.

The pattern is so intriguing and an absolute novelty to me that i couldn’t wait. It’s completely knit in one piece, no sewing except for two little under arm slits. When i found out about this, i knew i just had to make one . I was able to snatch up some beautiful bluish grey marl yarn for the project at Twisted on Broadway at 25% discount! I love that!!!

Hmmmm, the yarn is sooo yummie. Imagine yarn so springy and just flows like butter through your fingers. It’s called Dream in Color and has a lovely variegated grey tone that’s so my style! The pattern for the February Lady sweater is an adaption from the February Baby Sweater from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s ‘The knitter’s Almanach’. And available as free download on ravelry. Pamela Wynne, the designer/converter of this pattern could have made a fortune selling the pattern. But she’s a lovely lady and didn’t. But when i read through her instructions, i completely bought into following her recommendation, and  bought the Knitter’s Almanach which i find quite enjoyable to read.

I am still in love with the project, even though i had to unravel parts of it twice. First when i noticed that the raglan increase on the left front had shifted and created an uneven an jagged raglan line. I debated with myself probably for about 10 more rows weather i should unravel and fix the. In the end, i decided to take it apart, i knew i wouldn’t enjoy wearing the garment if i knew of it’s fault. And i had to remind myself that it’s not a race to get to the finished garments, it’s about the journey getting there. And so i am sitting next to my husband in the evenings knitting while we watch a bit of TV and chat about the events of the day. I don’t knit during the day in the summer months. I prefer playing with my sewing machine and spend the time with my husband in the evenings.


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