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Goodies from Japan – Part 2

July 15, 2009


japanese skirtLast week a posted here how excited i was about the two japanese pattern books i purchased the other day. Today i am happy to say he first two projects are already finished – yeay! Monday was a day totally dedicated to sewing. Initially my friend Katie and i almost got killed by a Volkswagen bus on our way to the Fabric Store (i was consumed in our conversation, he had right of way but was traveling far too fast! Thank god nothing happened, but it showed me how lucky i am and that i just have to be more alert!) Once we got to Cool Cottons everything was forgotten. We bought what we needed and headed home to my place to set up the sewing room. We worked our way for the reminder of the morning and lunch hour – and by the time we headed out to have a bite to eat, we were done! The drawstring skirt on top right was pretty easy with merely 4 square fabric pieces sewn together with gathering of the lower skirt part. A drawstring pulls the skirt together at the top. I enjoyed the simplicity of this piece and was so happy to have found the cotton stripe fabric. And it’s completely my style. From the left over of i should be able to make the smaller version for L. Super cute matching outfits 🙂


The second project from the magazine was this little ruffled mermaid dress with Heather Ross’s fabric. I used plain white cotton bias strip for the straps. I tried to find some bright pink solid cotton but couldnt’ find a matching color. The dress turned out a bit too wide for her on top as she’s only about 80cm tall where as the pattern calls out 90cm height. Well, will take the top part in a bit further tomorrow but was eager to write about it anyways. A perfect little dress for us to go on our Spain vacation later this summer. i believe i have enough fabric to make her a little matching sun hat. More later


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  1. melissa permalink

    i have the book of mama/daughter dresses for winter — i think it’s by the same company. i LOVE it (in fact, have lost it and am tossing my place apart trying to find it…) the skirt is great!

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