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Backyard Bliss

July 22, 2009


Our little deck off the bathroom has been a deserted zone for far too long. Even though we don’t really have a backyard space to call a garden, we have hardly used our little deck to hang out. This year however, with more time at hand, i felt the urge to really work on making this place our little haven. 

First up, we needed some furniture. Our home is built with green practices and furnished it with items that follow the same ethos. Of course we were looking at wood but couldn’t find anything that had a size to fit the space. Until i went into Dig Garden Store in the Pearl. Below some pictures out of the Fermob Catalogue, a company based in France, who makes real functional and lasting outdoor furniture. The photography and the styling in the catalogut is superb, very inspiring, vivid, vibrant and colorful. The items aren’t cheap, but there is a 3  year warranty and the styles can weather every weather and are meant to be kept outside even in ice and storm. It’s even recommended not to cover them in a protective plastic foil. Quite outstanding we thought. We liked the design and thought about the pink version for an accent – but finally decided against it. We wanted to buy a color that we won’t get sick off – and so we decided to accessorize with plants and flowers to get our accent colors in.


Here how the space looked before and after, with furniture and plants. More plants to come soon.

IMG_3708 IMG_3730 IMG_3729

Now we finally use our ‘tree house’. And we love hanging out there and watch little L. is watering the plants. “Mo wata pees!”


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  1. elgeenthorpe permalink

    Did you say you’re designing dresses? I was reading “About”. I myself am looking for likeminded folks who are getting into small retail lines. I think I’ll start using sites to network and share ideas. Maybe check out this?

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