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Goodies from Japan – Part 3 and 4

July 22, 2009

I admit it. I am obsessed with japanese sewing patterns. It’s actually all i want to do right now. I ordered another book – Stylish Dress Book – with only women’s pattern. And they are beautiful! It’s hard to decide which one not to do, but i will tackle them one after the other.


My version of the dress one on top left is already finished! I had a beautiful ikat in my stash and it was only 10 cm less then the pattern description requested. So i gave this a go with some minor cutting layout changes – i had to rotate the ruffle 90 degree or else i wouldn’t have had enough fabric. I added some simple side seam pockets to the dress – i am a busy mom and i always need to have a tissue, debit card or key handy. I’ll have to think of a solution to fix the pockets as the elastic in the back pulls the side seams back beyond where the natural side is. Therefore the pocket bags are pulled to the back too. I think i’ll either topstitch them through and through to the top layer, or are going to rip them out completely. We’ll see. I like the style but while wearing, i like to add a thin belt either on the natural waist or just below the bust. 

IMG_3862   IMG_3861

A very inspiring version of the dress – and beautiful photography, mind you – can be found here from Bluebirdbaby.

Two other projects that are finished are the little girl dress version of the adult skirt i blogged about here 


and the sundress worn by my cheeky offspring.


As the pattern is a bit too big for her (that’s a theme of mine – everything i make for her is too big! i get the feeling i am making stuff just for the sake of making) i increased the ruffled part on front and back by 3 cm total each. Next time i’ll make this dress (and there will be a next time for sure) i’ll sew the the front and back bias tape first and have the shoulder straps come from the armhole, not the front and neck line. The way it’s done now, the straps tend to glide from her shoulders. She doesn’t seem to bother much but the other way round will hold up better as long as she’s so little.


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