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Seek – update

July 29, 2009


Yesterday i met with a couple of former colleagues for lunch at the Oregon College for Arts and Craft. It was really nice to get this connection again. We had been finishing up Spring 10 last November when i left the company and half a year later they are already about to embark on Spring 11.

I am taking this occasion on filling you in on my progress with seek. I have been doing some sourcing work and have even found vendors here in town. I have some interesting ideas in terms of incorporating prints into the line to freshen things up. This is a bit harder to do on my own with such small volume then with a big corporation behind, but i am determined to find a way to do this. I have also had the chance to connect with some Yoga pros here in Portland and have them test the garments. So far i have gotten great feedback which is so valuable in developing new styles. And started sketching out some new style ideas as shown above. I plan to be working on new patterns and prototypes in the coming weeks before we are off to Spain. Now that i am much more versed on the machine i feel able to successfully do this myself. 

Unfortunately i still don’t have any idea on when i will be holding the treasured Travel and work permit to get the business up and running again. This is especially unfortunate as i have gotten requests from Nimli in NY and Sutramidtown in Phoenix last week to carry the line. Right now, i was able to push it off to later next month. I am still keeping my hopes up high – maybe things have changed until then and i can go into a drop-ship arrangement with Nimli and continue working with the Greenloop. Things will eventually change. I might even change the product focus. Obviously eco friendly. I have been mulling things over the last couple of weeks and months and am excited to shift perspectives and explore new avenues. The picture is getting clearer but it isn’t time yet to put pen to paper, craft a business plan or even talking much about it here on my blog. Yet. But i am getting close. Hope you stick it out with me 🙂



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  1. Hi, Love your style, I found you via BurdaStyle where I’ve been checking out all your great creations. I’m so thrilled that you have a yoga wear business! I’ve just started making handmade yoga bags and have always had thoughts of doing something just like what you have done. GOOD LUCK, I hope Seek is a huge success.


  2. Hi Sandra. So pleased to connect with you. And thank you for your well wishes. I checked out your yoga bags on etsy and i LOVE them! They are so stylish and classy – exactly how i like them. I wish you huge success as well! I think you are on to something there. Things have been going a bit slow for me and there have been some road blocks – i have been writing about it in my blog – which made me indecisive about going forward with seek. At least until my visa status is confirmed and i am either still located in the Pacific Northwest or back in Europe. Anyways, thank you so much for connecting! Made my day!

  3. Hi Daniela
    I’d love to keep in touch with you on some level. I’m following your blog now and will also follow your BurdaStyle profile. I’m sure there’s a little community of yogi mum’s with small children, who love to sew and can’t find time to practice out there. I think your label has gorgeous products and I think you will find a market for it wherever you end up. I guess the hard part is once running, you have to give it constant attention, develop new products, discover how fast you want it to grow.

    • Hi Sandra – thank you so much for your encouragement. And i will be doing my thing in some sort, way or shape some time – once the whole legal part is solved. How are is your business going for you so far? I went to an event here in portland last month where one of the etsy founders gave a speech about etsy and the ‘handmade’ business. Was pretty interesting and as a whole etsy is making a huge turnover (in terms of sales their shop-owners make on a yearly basis) How has business been for you? Would you say its a viable gateway to start a business. There surely is a big community out there that shops through etsy and gives encouragement. What’s your experience so far? (i can’t really do etsy right now either – such a bummer!)

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