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Creative Stimulation – and a bit about the heat

July 30, 2009

It’s been 40Degree (107F) here in Portland this week and being outside is NOT an option. We are happy we decided to have the AC unit built in before we bought the house so we are able to keep somewhat comfortable. BUT it’s still far too hot to sleep upstairs where the cool air hardly gets up. So we have set up our sleeping quarters in the basement. Leona loves that we are all sleeping in one room again, jumps up and down our bed with her shrill shrieks and very excited that something new is going on. And we are actually getting to get some use out of our Media room. I have been picking Leona up from daycare before nap time because it’s just too hot for the little one. She even started to develop a bit of a heat rash. 

I took some time to sift through my magazines to make sure i keep some of the most inspiring articles.


Love the typo on the left! I found these lovely articles in cookie magazine. The dresses on the right are about $150!!! I know i would have been guilty for buying one or the other during my working mom life. And i have -been shopping at Fred Segal for Leona. Now i’d rather make them myself…but isn’t that much more fun anyways? 


I have been in love with calk board paint for a while now. We haven’t applied it yet to any of our walls but will do it eventually. This is just a really lovely example. 


And once we have really a lot, lot, lot, lot of money, a huge house with spacious, light and airy living room, i’d go with above seating arrangement by rochebobois. Maybe I have been living a bit too long in Hawthorne area, as this is definitely getting a bit hippy – but stains won’t show as much as on our beige woven couch. And it’s more fun for kids. However, if we’d still be living in Germany i doubt i’d even look at anything like this. Well – you never know.

Stay cool everybody!


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