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So fortunate

August 11, 2009

We were invited to a wedding of dear friends of ours last friday and even though we were really looking forward to it, there was a catch: The couple  didn’t sign up for a wedding registry yet asked their guests to contribute to the honeymoon. Ok. So i was thinking about new and innovative ideas of how to gift money when i remembered a post about the cutest baby shower treats. 

I used this recipe here for traditional tuile batter. In order to ‘wrap-up’ $10 bills, and in order to have enough batter for trial and error batches, i doubled the amount of ingredients. 

I folded the bills lengthwise like a harmonica and kept them to the side until ready to use. The tablespoon mentioned in the recipy is a little less then the typical kitchen measuring spoon. Actually, if you use a regular silver spoon, that’ll be ample. Spread the batter much thinner then you think! At the beginning, mine were far too thick and broke once formed. The circle surely needs to be 5″ wide especially if wrapping up a Dollar bill. Once the cookies turn golden brown around the edges, pull them out and start working very quickly! Scoop the circle up with a spatula, into your palm upside down. Place the $ or the strip of paper lengthwise in the middle. fold the circle in half along the bill and wrap the cookie around a little glass or bottle. Place the finished cookie into a muffin pan too cool so you can quickly move on to the next. You have no more then 20 seconds to fold and roll up the cookie before the dough hardens and breaks.

As the cookies are VERY hot once pulled out, i highly recommend cotton gloves (available in art shops) to protect your finger. I didn’t have them handy so i ended up using a piece of paper kitchen towel after having been burnt a couple of times.

IMG_3917   IMG_3921 
Tuile batter circles on the left – and the finished cookies on the right


The whole process takes longer then you think – it took me about 4 hours to complete all these as i only had one baking tray on which i used Silipat. Which is a gadget i would highly recommend for a project like this. Baking paper needs to constantly be re-greased. Finally all the cookies lined up – every one is shaped a bit differently but with the bills i couldn’t really help it. The front row is without the bills and are formed more uniform – just as i like them. I added fortunes later on like lucky numbers (using the couples important dates and numbers) or funny quotes like “Your marriage was formed in heaven – can’t say that about this cookie” or “You will soon experience some amazing sunsets” and so on. I bought some white, small take-out boxes, lined them with two hues of green wrapping paper and placed one cookie into each.


The whole present was presented in a clothing box lined with burgundy confetti paper.


I checked – and nobody seemed to have taken any of the fortunes at the wedding but i was surely mistaken as one of the catering staff.


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