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Tackling the Backyard Beast – Part 2

October 5, 2009


It has been several months now since i dug out the old plants and sawd from the plant beds until i finally found the time to finish this monster project. Last week, i got 1 quarter yard compost, gravel and mulch delivered. Big event for Leona – bigger days ahead for me.


It took the help of 2 very laborous ladies 2 wheel barrels, 3 shovels and 1 days to finish digging out the beds, filling it with compost and gravel, tearing out all the sawd around the house. Tuesday i finished the sides and back of the house by laying down cardboard and topping it off with bark mulch – now no weed shall permeate this layer – or so i hope.


Wednesday i was able to dig out holes for the first plants. All of which have their allocated position and i am sticking to Karen’s design and am delighted about her plant choice. I will be continuing to plant for the next couple weeks or until i have all the plants gathered together as a lot of the plants are harder to get at this time of year. But Portland Nursery is helping to find them all for me.


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