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Sewing Japanese – wardrobe challenge

October 6, 2009

After having tackled and finished all my ‘outdoor’ projects before the winter season starts – staining decks and staircases and beautifying our garden – i am more then eager to get back to my sewing machine. And because i just love my japanese sewing books so much, i have decided to put myself up for a wardrobe challenge – japanese style. Meaning i am committing to sew Leona’s and my entire winter wardrobe from either japanese patterns or japanese fabrics if i use other patterns.

Birthday Tunic

Birthday Tunic

First up, a double whammy for Leona’s 2nd Birthday:
Fabric: Double Gauze Girly & Bitter by usuka by Kokka available online here and here.
Trim: lightweight denim for binding and pockets, yummy shank buttons found at Knittn’Kitten
Pattern: taken from Mama Girl Wardrobe ISBN978-4-8347-2691-6 but own interpretation


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