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2nd Birthday party

October 12, 2009
Celebrating Leona's 2nd birthday

Celebrating Leona's 2nd birthday

In honor of Leona’s 2nd Birthday, we celebrated last Sunday at the Lee Farms in Tualatin just outside of Portland. I had found the place online here and drove there to see what it was like about  a month ago. It was very quiet then. Yesterday in contrary it was super busy with tons of activities and lots of people visiting. There were two hay mazes, a bouncy castle, pony rides, hay rides, a pumpkin patch, goat petting zoo, little baby chicks and calves nestled in a little hay-stall a carousel. It felt more like Oktoberfest then pristine farm – but was lots of fun none the less. We gathered at 3pm to set up, cheered with drinks at 4pm and had Leona open her lovely presents afterwards.


I had made cupcakes (with flour and sugar) but used the vegan frosting that i made the week before for Leona to take to school (waldorf mind you therefore sugar, dairy and gluten free). I used the babycakes recipy book and they turned out quite nice but resembled muffins more then cupcakes. For yesterday’s celebration i kept to the tried and trusted to be on the safe side before i continue to experiment with the alternative. And because this was Leona’s birthday and Andy doesn’t spare any cost for his little girl – i was able to pick up this beautiful black ceramic 3-piece cake stand at noun. I love this little shop that has just a lovely selection of beautiful finds.

Party favors for the kids

Party favors for the kids

As party favors, we had created these customized name-bracelets inspired by Bead Simple. It was a very fun to make yet inexpensive treat as i snatched up the wooden beads from Knittn’Kitten for $0.50 the bag! Hurray!

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