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Jumping into new experiences – Halloween 2009

November 3, 2009


This year was Leona’s first Halloween. And somewhat it was my first one too. Not only did i make her my first ever halloween costume – so she could be a Kangaroo – i carried her up the stairs to the neighbors doors and asked for ‘trick or treat’. I was amazed about how much people love this tradition here and i have no doubt that it’ll be one of Leona’s favorite holidays. She even got the treats put in her pouch without having ever to ask anything, i guess, because she looked so adorable. The girls ad JaChiva’s on Hawthorne were even running after us to give her a lovely pumpkin shaped chocolate.

I made the pattern for her costume by modifying a pattern i got for 25 cent at Knitt’n Kitten. I drafted the pieces for the hood, ears and tail from scratch. The fuzzy fabric is from home depot and the Kangaroo tail stuffed with packing peanuts. I kept the pattern and will be trying myself in scanning and uploading it as a free pattern. Anybody interested in something like this maybe for next year?

My friend Barbara made the cute little gnome costume in the lower left corner. She felted sweaters, cut out the shapes for the hat and pocket-belt, stuffed the hat with packing peanuts and wore it over a borrowed gingham dress. Leona is modeling the outfit for her – doesn’t she look very dutch in the picture? Maybe because Barbara is dutch?





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  1. Of course! Such cute fancy dress stuff is always welcome! Please post the pattern šŸ™‚

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