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Ribbed Sweater Jacket

November 3, 2009

rib sweater

A trip to the the Oregon coast was a beautiful backdrop to finally take some good photos of this ribbed sweater from Rebecca 36 magazine i finished in late Spring. It’s a Cotton Yarn jacket with feels warm yet not too hot – exactly right for the temperatures in fall. The front closure is with snaps and i really love the pockets!


IMG_0567 IMG_0566

These photos – beautiful and moody, arent’ they? They epitomize my state of mind right now. It’s been more then a year now since i left my job and i had been preparing myself mentally to start doing some work again soon. After one year (and no adverse information from the lawyers) I felt the labor and travel permit must be very near. Andy had put on the pressure a bit more at work to find out what the status is. Thursday a week ago he finally got some answers: The application got rejected. What sent the organization into a bit of a whirlwind for a couple of days, put quite a damper on my own plans. There was the talk of trying it again with the ‘specially talented and extraordinary researcher’ application – but so far we haven’t heard from the lawyers again. Originally we would have to leave the country by end of February. With the extension we’d be able to get a couple more months, possibly until August next year.
Nike will give Andy some sort of work to bridge the gap – but we’ll see what will happen, and when. And where. It’s an interesting experience – as i have a hard time not being empowered to make choices for my family, myself and my career. By now, i’d like to do something to support even though i don’t have any desire to go back to corporate america. But i’d like to do something worth while. It’s just how i tick and even though i know that i do so much for my family already. For now, i just have to trust – again – that things work out the way they are supposed to. Have faith that all will be fine and exactly as they were meant.

For now though, i wanted to write something of my chest. I had made up my mind for a while now – i will not continue to work on ‘seek’. Neither here in the US nor back in europe. Too much time has past, too many obstacles in my way – have made me loose steam and interest in the project. Now there is a way for new thinking and new beginnings. We’ll see what happens -i’ll update my ‘profile’ soon.


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  1. Abby permalink

    I am sorry to hear of more hurdles, but I know something amazing will come from your renewed efforts and projects. Thinking of you and your family.

  2. Thank you, Abby! Also for reading my musings. It’s good to stay in touch that way… Hope you are well!

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