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OCAC Bag raffle, goodies and other fun things…

November 30, 2009

First of all a huge thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody who purchased one of my OCAC bags this weekend. It was really exciting for me to see people walk away with something I made with my own two hands. Somehow similar to the experience when i see a jacket i designed on the mountain yet a bit sweeter. If that is even possible.
Now there are only 3 bags left! And because tomorrow is already December, Christmas is fast approaching, and ‘Nikolaustag’ is on the 6th of December, i decided to raffle away one of my bags. I’ll hold the raffle on December 6th. You can enter by simply leaving a comment on my wordpress blog – if you see this in the FB note, just click on a pic and it’ll lead you to my blog. I will randomly pick a name out of a hat coming Sunday afternoon.

But that’s not all. Verypurpleperson is also raffling away some goodies over at purplestuff. Hop on over and check it out!

Thank you Janet for this amazing shot!

And if you are into Yoga and live here in Portland, OR, check out the Giving Tree at The Bhakti shop. (BTW they became my favorite yoga studio in town!) They are holding an incredible fundraiser with E X I T I N G prices, including a weekend getaway, massage, acupuncture and other vouchers, and one of my seek one-piece suits! If you are in the area, get yourself or someone you love a ticket and see what happens. Here a link to The Bhaktishop Facebook fanpage.

Barre3 opened their SE studio in November and they are offering a special deal on their 3-month unlimited class series. I love this workout – if you are not a gym hero or yogi, or just want something that will compliment all your activities – this is the place for you!

And something else that i am excited about is the advents calendar i am currently creating for Leona. I don’t want to stuff her with chocolate and sweets – so i am creating felt food for her. Of course i had this idea at the last minute (as usual) so it’s little presents day by day instead of a full fledged calendar. I’ll post pics of her goodies on a daily basis – or at least that’s what i am planning. Next week i will be back in possession of my sewing room and need to ramp up again – my sewing japanese challenge needs some more fuel before the flame extincts…

Whow, this was a long one. Good night for today, everybody…



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  1. tina permalink

    oh, please, please, i hope you pick my name! 😉

  2. tina permalink

    i check your blog very regularly!! HA! i hope you ship to europe?! – i would take your bag on a walk through the amsterdam grachten and all over the ‘world of sports’. so make sure your name is on it 😉

  3. Aly Adcock Bettmann permalink

    I love that bag!! What a great design! I have a sister who use it everyday!!

  4. SUCH a cute bag!!! Would LOVE to win it!!

  5. Sarah Coulsey permalink

    Oh I hope I win!!!!

  6. Hope permalink

    I LOVE this bag!!! So cute 🙂

  7. ckmartinutk permalink

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Merry Christmas!!!! 🙂

  8. Angela permalink

    This is a wonderful bag, and IKEA is one of my favorite places! 🙂

  9. Love the bag! Love that bird.

  10. Honor permalink

    I saw that fabric just this morning on another site. Very sweet!

  11. What an adorable bag!

  12. Maz permalink

    I am a bagaholic, so I couldn’t resist. Reusable bags are my current vice, and yours are pretty. Happy Holidays!

  13. Love it, love your blog.

  14. Elizabeth permalink

    The bag is gorgeous!! I could use this for so many different things!

  15. Crystal permalink

    I love it!

  16. Carlin Reagan permalink

    My long-term goal is to learn to sew, but in the meantime I’ll have to benefit from other people’s sewign skills! The bag looks lovely- such good colors!

  17. Celestia permalink

    Super cute bag! I was referred to this contest by another blog- I’m gonna have to go poke around now. 🙂

  18. Jen F permalink

    This bag is awesome!

  19. Jill permalink

    Would love to win one of your homemade bags! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  20. Victoria Peckron permalink

    Love the bag!

  21. Megan permalink

    Great bag! Hope I get it!!!

  22. Erica permalink

    cute. cute. cute.

  23. It’s beautiful! I would love to win!

  24. Neohoutoo permalink

    It’s great- love it!

  25. Kristen permalink

    I have been needing a new bag for quite a while now and this would be such a nice one to have! I’m also currently teaching myself to knit, so I appreciate all of the work you put into sewing your own bags. Handmade stuff is such a pleasure!

  26. Marta permalink

    What a fantastic bag!

  27. Adorable bag. I love it 🙂

  28. Anne permalink

    Adorable bag! So excited about the raffle!

  29. Leslie permalink

    Such a cute bag!

  30. Kara permalink

    I would love to win this bag!

  31. Emilia permalink

    Fab bag!

  32. Betty T permalink

    beautiful bag!

  33. Zoe permalink

    Lovely bag. Good luck with the felt sweets, too!

  34. Brianna permalink

    I love the bag and yoga! However, I live way too far away to do yoga in Oregon! Appreciating your posts from NJ…… 🙂

  35. Allison permalink

    My little sis would love this as a gift this year!

  36. Jackie Ferrer permalink

    A beautiful and colorful bag. LOVE IT!

  37. Carol permalink

    I love the colours. It would really brighten up an Irish winter day!!!

  38. Say permalink

    Now THAT is a cute, cute bag. I would love to see it up close! 🙂 Best of luck to everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

  39. Dylan Aller permalink

    add mee add me
    i love it!

  40. Jenna permalink

    I would love to win this bag. I use reusable bags everytime I go grocery shopping!

  41. I’d love it!

  42. Ronette permalink

    Love the bag! Would love to show it off! Happy Holidays.

  43. Jen Eason permalink

    I have a bit of a bag obsession – this one is great!

  44. Amy permalink

    Love the bag!

  45. Great bag. so whimsical!

  46. Waw nice bag, I like the pattern
    color also looks fresh
    thank you;)

  47. Han permalink

    What a gorgeous bag! Would love to have it!

  48. sari permalink

    love this bag! going to scandinavia this winter and this bag would be perfect for my travels!

  49. Caitlin permalink

    That bag is great! Good idea with the advent calendar. I’ll keep that in mind for next year!

    • Thank you! It’s fun to do – but have to be on a roll to get it all done on a ‘semi’ daily schedule. But very gratifying.

  50. Melissa permalink

    so cute. would love to tote this.

  51. Connie Bryant permalink

    Hi! Very cute and unique bag. Great giveaway! 🙂

  52. Amy Spears permalink

    Very cute bag, just love it!

  53. Kristine permalink

    I hope I’m not too late to enter! This bag is awesome! Very creative and I love the fabric.

  54. Kristen L. permalink

    That bag is absolutely adorable! I LOVE it and your blog! 🙂

  55. Beth permalink

    This bag is fab! Hope I’m the lucky winner.

  56. Nancy Nelson permalink

    HI! I could really use this as a cute gift!

  57. Amy permalink

    The bag is so cute! I hope I get lucky!

  58. Maya permalink

    Great bag! I want to win!

  59. Amy Harp permalink

    Love, love, love this bag! Hope it can be mine!

  60. DEBIJOT permalink

    This is a beautiful bag.

  61. uzzadazza permalink

    I love that bag and would like to win!

  62. Teresa permalink

    I want that bag! Love it!

  63. Julie permalink

    Beautiful bag! Happy Holidays!

  64. Meaghan permalink

    Such a cute bag! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  65. Elizabeth Wrenn permalink

    The bag is adorable! It’s a must have!

  66. Bavarian Erin permalink

    Fingers crossed!

  67. Thank you everybody for all your lovely responses. It’s 12pm now, and i am closing the entries for the drawing. A bit later today, i will post and contact the lucky winner by email. I hope you all check back again! Thank you all for making my first raffle such a success – i am truly grateful.
    Until we hear again, wish you all happy and peaceful holidays!


  68. Iris permalink

    Crossing my fingers and toes…

  69. Elise Francis permalink

    Oh, that would be a perfect baby shower present! 😀 It’s hip and modern and has a crane to symbolize the new baby coming. *Hopes she gets picked out of the raffle*

    • Hi Elise, sorry i closed the raffle yesterday at noon. But it surely is right – the crane would have been so fitting! 🙂

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