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Eat up your plate!

December 1, 2009

December 1st.
The christmas elf came this morning and dropped this yummie packet of pasta off for Leona. Leona instantly poured out the tortellini and wanted to throw away the packaging. “Wegmeissen!”

Don’t be fooled, the bag is actually made out of fabric! I used a tutorial from Bend the rules with fabric by Amy Karol to print the fabric and make the bag. I scanned the original pasta package that Leona had dragged around the house, created a background pattern in Photoshop to make up for the missing side panels. Printed it on one printable fabric sheet. Cut out a square for the bottom panel and sewed the whole thing together including a little hook and loop closure at the top. You only need 1 sheet of letter sized paper to create the package that would work equally well in paper anyways.
I used this ‘recipe’ for the tortellini. Super quick and easy. I made them within 20 minutes including setting up the sewing machine and cleaning up!

So now, eat up your plate!


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