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Cheeky monkey – conversations with a 2 year old

December 4, 2009

Leona got some belated birthday presents this week which were beautiful tops and pants she got from her Auntie in California.

She opened them all very excited and every single item initally got the same response. Here somewhat how the conversation went:

L: Who made that?
M: Well, some nice Lady in … (pause while i am reading the label to find the country of origin) … Malaysia made it.
L (puzzled): Who made that?
M (just leaving out all the unimportant information): Malaysia did.

L (happier with the answer and now holding the other tee): Who made that?
Papa: Indonesia.

And so it went on. I am happy to say, i am glad for her to grow up knowing that clothes, toys and food can be made from scratch with your own two hands. But she might also grow up thinking that Indonesia, Malaysia, Guatemala and all the other nice ladies (and gentlemen) are very busy churning out tons and tons of clothes…

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