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And the winner is…..

December 7, 2009

Thanks to all of you who have entered into my drawing – my first giveaway turned out to be a much bigger success then i could have ever imagined!

So thank you all so very much for all your lovely comments and encouraging words. They keep me going. I also wanted to let you know that i have more surprises and giveaways up my sleeve in the future. I just like creating beautiful things, but there is just so much i can actually keep. And as i can’t sell items for gain, i will continue to raffle things away. The next one will be a totally lovely hand sewn denim skirt designed by Jenny Gordy. Click here to see other examples of the skirt. I made mine in a wrong size (shame on me) and as soon as i have the right size finished, i will raffle away the other one. Aren’t you lucky?

Now back to the actual drawing that happened yesterday, December 6th, and was facilitated by my daughter (as you can see in the pictures above).

Maybe this is not the most advanced drawing method out there, but this is how we did it: I wrote the name of every single of the 68 entrants (68? for real???) on a strip of paper, folded and placed into this lovely ‘drawing pan’. My daughter chose to wear this  Mrs. Nikolaus hat (hence the braids) courtesy of Barbara to pick the lucky winner.

And the lucky winner is:

Congragulations, NEOHOUTOO! And happy holidays!
Please check your email and reply with your shipping address.

Happy Holiday everybody and hope to see you soon!



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  1. Is your daughter dressed as a gnome?? THAT is SO cute!! Congrats to Neohoutoo on winning that fantastic bag!!

  2. Yes! Cerise! She’s dressed as a gnome – the full costume that my friend Barbara made can be seen here:
    She felted some Goodwill sweaters and made this cute hat and apron/pocket skirt.

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