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Greasy Spoon

December 7, 2009

Did you know i am married to a Brit? Well – this should give it away – the typical island breakfast ‘greasy spoon’: fried egg, bacon, tomato on a slice of bread with a side of cheese. And because we now live in the states – add a splash of ketchup to your plate as well.

Bacon is a layer of off-white felt under a layer of light brown felt, top stitched in uneven free form rows about half inch apart. Sides cut into bacon like uneven shapes and finally cut between the stitch lines of the off-white felt only to create the fatty bits. Trim the fatty bits down a bit more so the meat shines through a bit more for more realistic results.

The Egg is an uneven oval shape of white felt, with a round shape for the egg yoke (achieved by tracing around a tea light). Stitched down slightly off centered on the white felt but kept an opening (needle down) to stuff in some batting to add dimension before sewing the opening close. Online tutorial from One crafty mumma here.


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