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5 servings of fruit and vegetables

December 13, 2009

No, i didn’t give up – just didn’t have time to take pictures or post. But it has been a bit of a stretch to come up and create new things every day… and Leona had a bit of a stimulation overload – so i sneaked in two produce items i didn’t do this week to give her (and myself) a little bit of a break: The strawberries and the very cute peas in the pod.Oh, and this week i decided to introduce some fruit and vegetables into her diet after a week of heavy carbs.

The strawberries were done following this tutorial. I didn’t create this tutorial but after quite a bit of searching i still couldn’t find the blog of the creator. If anybody knows, let me know as i would love to link back to that particular blog.

The pea in the pod were also done following this tutorial from the same creator. This one is a bit more involved due to the creation of the peas, but i saw little felt balls  pre-made in craft stores which reduces the creation time quite a bit.

I didn’t follow any particular tutorial for the carrot but saw more beautiful ones with leafy stems rather then my sad strings. But, hey, it works… Made from two long triangles sewn together, stuffed and pulled close at the top, then added long strips of green felt.

I followed this tutorial from Lola Nova for making the eggs. They came out beautifully but turned out to be a bit large for the carton. Good thing they have a soft shell so i can squeeze them in.

The salad leafs were done extremely quickly: Cut out irregular leaf sized shapes of different color felt and stitched with non-matching green thread some vein-shapes. And because it’s all about variation, we added some sliced tomatoes from the previous week to make up a yummie salad.

Oh, and can you see what the round shaped thing is underneath the strawberries? Its a ‘quesadilla’ i made a while ago, but could also work as a biscuit (very flat one).

Anyways, that was it for this week. I think I’ll be on to sweet things for the next week and possibly do some other veggies as well when the inspiration strikes.
Because what i learned from all this is, that as much as i’d like for Leona not to eat as many sweets, she’s got a sweet tooth and asks for cookies and chocolate every day. And I feel bad not to give her anything especially as i love the stuff myself. What do you do?


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