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Happy new Year

January 7, 2010

Whow, it’s already 2010!
Just wanted to show off this beautiful creation from Shelly, the owner of Figgy’s Kids! She has created a collection of beautiful yet uncomplicated girls patterns for the sewing enthusiast. You can find her on etsy, she’s blogging here and teaches sewing classes at Bolt and Cool Cottons. The dress above is the Mary-Go-Round and has fantasticly 3 armholes! L finds that extremely funny and loves putting it on while getting twisted and twirled around in the armholes. One of my next projects is Ella’s Bubble Bottom Skirt that has been on my list for me for a while now. You can have a look at the pattern sold on etsy here.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday time. I enjoyed having my hubby home with me for 2 weeks. We went skiing up to Mt. Hood several times, cooked lovely dinners and played with Leona. We did lots of skype and telephone sessions with our families back home in Europe and really missed being around them and the typical German or English Christmas atmosphere.

…and then we found this place! A little German haven in the middle of the Cascades. Just of the middle station at Skibowl at Mt. Hood there is this lovely little warming hut without running water and the only heat source is from the open fire place. The owner is Chech but besides his Pilsner he offers Paulaner and Wiesn’ Bier. No wonder i love it here and a stop here quickly became a tradition for us when we ski here.

So: Frohes Neues Jahr!
(Happy new year!)


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  1. That is one beautiful place! I always want to go to a hut like that, I’ve only seen them in movies ^.^
    Anyway, I have an ‘Honest Scrap Award’ for you, it’s fun! No obligation of course. ^.^
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you, Novita! I just recovered your message from spam? What the heck! As you probably know already, i am very honored about getting this ‘award’ from you!

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