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SEEK trunkshow sale for Haiti relief efforts

January 14, 2010

I am currently working with The Bhaktishop here in Portland to get a fundraiser going asap to benefit the survivors of Tuesday’s tragic earthquake in Haiti.
For those of you who are new to this blog, here quick introduction to what started seek and the creator behind it. So please bare with me. For info on what’s up for sale, please scroll down to the section written in bold.

5 years ago, a new yoga student and enthusiast, i felt the pull to create an elegant, functional, easy to care for, comfortable  most of all and earth friendly yoga line that would compliment the athletic offering that was available in the marketplace at that time. I started enthusiastically and worked relentlessly on my vision besides working a full time job as design manager. In the meantime, life happened. I became a mother (wonderful), lost my job (i won’t complain) and with it my work permit (what a hickup!). Did i say i am from Germany?  So i started this blog in the hopes to get the word out about the line and set up a company that could effortlessly kick into gear once i was allowed to work again. Throughout this last year however, i realized, my priorities had shifted. And this blog morphed into something different all together. Additionally i saw lots of companies picking up on the same train of thought, offering unique, beautiful and earth friendly yoga gear.

One of my lofty dreams was to grow seek into a company big enough to generate enough funds to be able to make a difference in this world. Did you know that today’s corporations really do make the world a better place? Check out this article about creative capitalism and the positive impact it makes. Anyways, this won’t happen with this line but for what it’s worth:

The entire inventory will be sold with all the proceeds going to Mercy Corps. All articles will be sold at 20%-40% off retail price. All garments are made out of  a Soy/organic Cotton/Elastan blend. I worked with local pattern makers and seamstresses and production was placed out of Los Angeles. Click here to go to the website to have a look at all the available garments. If you know of anybody who is potentially interested in buying the name incl. logo, labels, web domaine, business plan and everything around it, guide them towards me and we can talk. Haha.

We dont’ know all the answers, details and exact timing yet and how to make this accessible for people who read this and are not in the NW but i am working on it.

Please, please check back in the next days for more details, timing, location to get your hands on these truly limited edition garments and help people who are in dire need right now!!!

Thank you all so much for your consideration, help and contribution
With Gratitude for all we have,



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  1. You are terrific. Count me in!

  2. Thank you so much, Susan!

  3. thank you for doing this – it’s wonderful! I can’t wait to choose some things. You are so generous!

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