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Make you go ‘Purrr…’

January 27, 2010

Little Mrs. Messy and hundreds of stained tees? Sounds familiar? This one was a particularly bad example which had unidentifiable, yellowish food stains all over the front. And for the heck of me – i couldn’t get them out in the wash. Other then the nasty stain, the tee was fine AND it still fit. Before chucking it out, i decided to try a little application technique. Leona was giving input on the design and we cut it together. She chose the buttons (with a little help) and watched me stitch on the little guy before helping me to glue the eyes on. Leona is pretty good now to not put everything in her mouth, but for babies or children below 3 years of age, please don’t use buttons as decorations. We don’t want them to choke. Use felt rounds or embroider the eyes on. Click here to download artwork and the instructions. And enjoy much more use AND LOVE out of that old tee ˚Ω˚


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  1. So cute! What a great way to hide those stains!

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