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Sewing Japanese – Dress D

March 31, 2010

Stylish Dress Book 2
Dress D

Now my wallpaper is officially competing against my dress. Pardon the terrible photo quality, the exposure is totally off and the weather wasn’t helping either. And next time I won’t be taking pictures from an angle as high  as this one. But I thought, I post anyways. Who knows, when I get myself to take another picture, weather being nice to me AND have washed hair…
The fabric of this dress is a find at Mills End, $2.99/yard and has been there since 1999. That means 11 years sitting there – would you consider this vintage? When do we speak about vintage anyways? I’d personally start in the 70s and earlier. Everything after that I’d call by it’s aera. But how about you? When do you start calling something vintage?


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  1. BTW, I just checked and vintage is mainly associated with wine – wikipedia AND dictionary.

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