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Time for change

May 3, 2010

Hello my friends and readers! After my last a little desperate blog entry (thank you for the lovely emails I received, it was really uplifting) my creative blockage somehow vanished and everything seemed to fall into place. Since i decided not to continue seek, the seekyogicstyle.wordpress seems to be a bit lost.
Please come and visit my new webspace – the domain I had for years – and finally, I am getting to use it. And what better name could it be then

Oh, for those who read this through facebook: I won’t feed the new blog into FB – most of you guys are all designers and I don’t want to bore you with stuff that might be an old hat (or not?). I’ll link entries here and there. But would love if you could leave a comment sooner or later.

I decided to change gears a bit with my new blog, although I will stick to posting about my handmade projects, I have set out to target it a bit more towards design. Because, at the core, this is what it’s all about for me. I just love design. I always loved it and will never stray from it. Whatever shape or form it may take in the future, it’s what moves me. Weather I will design as a freelancer, design a clothing line or sewing patterns or the heck I come up with in the future, I just love design. It will be full with all kinds of things pertinent to design, color, inspiration, trend info – weather created by myself or found on the net.

So please, stick with me. visit me over at my new space, bookmark me, subscribe, spread the word… I’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks again for sticking with me throughout this last year!

I ♥ you all!



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  1. How exciting! I am heading straight over to subscribe to your new blog. Love checking out your work and will continue to follow. Good luck!!

  2. Abby permalink

    It’s funny how things fall into place like that. I have been waiting and waiting for my path as well….I don’t have a super clear vision, but something more clear and sure than before. Good luck I look forward to following your projects. 😉

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