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Weekend in March

Just some images from our long weekend. Andy took Friday off, we visited Leona’s new school – she’s getting so big so quickly – and passed the rest of the day at the coast. Beautiful weather! 70F in March! Leona playing in the waves, and spending some quality time with her dad while she’s squirming and climbing on me. Building has begun (for a couple of weeks already) for the New Seasons building. We are enjoying a lovely drink at Por Que No? and i am wearing, and wearing and wearing my Daffodil sweater.

Und jetzt nochmal auf deutsch, weil ich so langsam das Gefühl für meine Muttersprache verliere. Wenigstens im schriftlichen: Hier ein paar inspirationen vom letzten Wochenende. Andy hat Freitag freigenommen und so konnten wir alle zusammen Leona´s neuen Kindergarten besuchen. Danach sind wir gleich an die Küste gefahren. Es wahr für März unglaublich warm – so etwa 22 Grad! Leona konnte in den (ziemlich kalten Wellen spielen) endlich etwas mehr Zeit mit Papa verbringen und auf mir rumturnen. Seit einigen Wochen haben jetzt schon die Bauarbeiten am neuen New Seasons Supermarkt begonnen. Wir drinken leckere Limonade bei Porque No! und ich hab ständig meine neue Strickjacke an!


Village Frock

This post is long overdue! Last year i attended an incredible course at the OCAC: Exploring natural dyes. During the time I developed seek, i researched several dying methods then settling on reactive dyes for my yoga apparel. But dying with natural dyestuffs was still a method that I was very eager to try even though it is more for private use as it’s hard to achieve consistent results in production. When i found a natural dye course was offered here in Portland, i didn’t have to think twice. I will write in more detail about all i have learned in a separate post but wanted to share a project i made with some of the fabric i dyed myself.

I discovered the Village Frock through this picture on flickr and fell in love with the design. With a little research, i found the lovely designs from Sugar City including the village frock.

It arrived in it’s sweet instruction booklet and beautifully designed paper pattern. I used some hemp/cotton blend fabric that i had dyed with Logwood. I am laughing at myself – ‘i am going all amish’ from dying to sewing myself.

As you can see from the picture, Leona is still a little too small for the garment. Is anybody surprised?  All my projects turned out being to big even though made sure to measure her beforehand. Then i was enlightened by Shelly from Figgy’s Kids that all US patterns include seam allowances! Dahhhhhhhhh! That’s why ALL my projects are too big! Except for the projects based on japanese patterns as those don’t include the seam allowances. Having learned to sew in Germany where all seam allowances need to be added, i just kept on doing exactly that. Selber schuld.

Hah! Even better as now the whole preparation process is much faster! Hurray! And she’ll be able to wear the stuff that much longer…. Oh, she’s a big girl now and does her own dressing choices. There was no way on earth I could convince her to wear other shoes then those blue crock-alikes. So I just went with it.

Eley Kishimoto Fall 10/11

While researching some print inspiration, i came across this here.

Eley Kishimoto is drawing a pretty picture answering a popular question: What are we going to wear next fall?

they might have answered the question. I love the combination of bold color blocks and the variegated zig zag.

But my favorite are bold stripes however:

Eley Kishimoto

Coven (available through UNA)

American Retro

Collina Strada and monserat

I love the versatility of stripes! The combination of bold stripes with small stripes, the way they can be angled, broken up, twisted. Stripes can look new and contemporary or retro. Whatever you want them to be.

I heart my needles…

… my knitting needles for that matter. I finally started to do sample swatches so i can make decisions on my next project. This time i want to get my feet wet designing a pattern. Something i haven’t done yet with a sweater construction. Let’s see how it goes.

Cool stuff I found online:

Designs by Yokoo available here.

Eye candy

Am giddy for my newest iPhone app, the Hipstamatic. Digital photography truly never looked so analog.

Pop. Art. for literally everyone…

After a week of Leona being with me due to croup, i was in a severe time crunch to start and finish Andy’s birthday present. I imagined to loop him right in into our Pop.Art Top row and create something with this Liberty fabric appropriate for him. I was contemplating a jacket at first, but changed my mind as he’s not really a jacket wearing type. So i settled on a shirt but wanted to make it extra special and wearable for him. You need to know that he is the type of guy with a rather specific taste. I usually don’t have a hard time buying clothes for him that he likes, but making something myself he would be comfortable wearing was a different ballgame. I got this pattern from Shelly – Thanks Shell! last minute at our sewing extravaganza (would highly recommend, was so much fun!) where 7 girls (and one virtual on Skype) met up at Shell’s house and sewed, chatted and got stuff done. Great time!

I used Burda 8417 as the base and tried a couple of new techniques on this guy. I also studied the shirts in his closet. All seams on his new shirt are french seams (even the sleeves – quite a fiddle game) and i did a lot of hand basting using 10 year old basting thread i found in my stash from Germany. I also ended up changing some pattern pieces, the pocket was just faaaaaaaaaar to big for modern taste and the original collar was plain hiddeous. I used an Alexander McQueen shirt as a guide. Bless him! It took me 3 days to complete and it was finished just in time.

And he loves it! He wore it already and after i asked him if somebody noticed something he denied. He said: ‘that’s a good sign as it looks real, doesn’t it?’

Yep, real it is…

Make you go ‘Purrr…’

Little Mrs. Messy and hundreds of stained tees? Sounds familiar? This one was a particularly bad example which had unidentifiable, yellowish food stains all over the front. And for the heck of me – i couldn’t get them out in the wash. Other then the nasty stain, the tee was fine AND it still fit. Before chucking it out, i decided to try a little application technique. Leona was giving input on the design and we cut it together. She chose the buttons (with a little help) and watched me stitch on the little guy before helping me to glue the eyes on. Leona is pretty good now to not put everything in her mouth, but for babies or children below 3 years of age, please don’t use buttons as decorations. We don’t want them to choke. Use felt rounds or embroider the eyes on. Click here to download artwork and the instructions. And enjoy much more use AND LOVE out of that old tee ˚Ω˚

Fundraiser for Haiti – final update

I just came back from The Bhaktishop to pick up my trunk and the remaining yoga clothing: Whow! The generosity of the Bhaktishop family blows me away! With the help of everyone, we were able to raise $3002 for the cause! All that was raised through Yoga classes, spontaneous monetary contributions and the seek clothing sale. With the corporate matching dollars, this will be  $9006 for Haiti! AWESOME number, isn’t it?

Even though this still is just a small number compared to the lives lost and the invaluable  national treasures that have been destroyed,  it is still proof how much people care. If you are still interested in contributing, please click here to see what’s available and leave me a comment or email me at

I hope you all are well and i will soon – very soon start posting on creative projects again.

Sew crazy

For the last couple of days, i had the pleasure and honor to help Susan on some projects she’s working on for her new book! If you are unfamiliar with her work, just click the links to her books Bead Simple and Button it up. Here a little peak into our sewing bonanza where bobbins flew, the iron steamed 24/7 and two facing sewing machines went through layers and layers of beautiful fabrics. She’s got a really good eye for fabric coordination and obviously a quite extensive collection of beautiful vintage and modern fabrics. Most of which she can tell you a lovely little story. Needless to say, the time flew by and we got quite a lot done. Very exciting.

I also wanted to show the ‘half way’ before and after shot of the trunk that i grabbed at House of Vintage on Hawthorne for the seek fundraiser at The Bhaktishop. It was pretty beat up when i got it, so i lined it with some of the remnants of our lovely wallpaper, you might already be familiar with. I haven’t taken a photo of the whole arrangement at the shop, but will do so tomorrow. The fundraiser is going until Saturday this week, which is the 23rd. If you are into yoga, want to help Haiti relief efforts and want to your money matched by Nike, here’s your chance.

My honest scraps – 10 truely honest things about me

I just got awarded the ‘Truly Honest Scrap” award from Novita Estiti who in turn has written a deeply personal ‘honest scrap’ article at her lovely blog Verypurpleperson . Thank you, Novita! I am so very honored. I love your blog and it has been a must read on my blogroll for a long time. You are an Inspiration and more than one of my project sprang into life just after reading your entries.

The rules for this award are pretty simple:

  1. Thank the person who awarded the prize, mention their blog and give the link.
  2. Share ‘Ten Honest Things’ about yourself.
  3. Present this award to seven others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.
  4. Tell those seven people they’ve been awarded the Honest Scrap award and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

1. The seek fund-raiser sale that will be held this week is not entirely selfless.
By being able to sell now for charity, I am freeing myself not only of the physical garments in their big box, but also the idea to pursue this career path even when I can legally work again.

2. I don’t have any contact with my father. While I have strong ties with my mother, my father decided against having any interaction with his children after my parents’ marriage faltered. In the search of a positive father figure, the next point probably happened.

3. I was 13 years old when i was molested by a family friend. He was 20 years my senior, with a wife and two children. The result was a messed up self esteem and inability to healthily connect with men. It took more then 15 years to heal and put in the past. It is possible!

4. I am so blessed with meeting my husband. He is my soul mate, my best friend and a loving and caring father for our daughter.

5. I feel awfully clumsy while attempting small talk. That’s why i prefer a few deep friendships to many loose acquaintances. But at the same time would love to reach more people with this blog.

6. I look at Blog stats way too often. Terrible!

7. I am vain. And  short sighted. That’s why you don’t see me wearing glasses in any of my posted pictures.

8. I attempted to steal a bottle of shampoo when I was 11 years old and was so terribly clumsy about it that I got caught by the shop detective. I never tried stealing again but was very worried about my reputation thereafter and honestly can’t believe I am writing this!

9. Don’t fly with me. I might be bad luck. Besides countless delays and luggage that didn’t arrive numerous times, i got stranded in HK at my first business trip in 1997, at JFK airport during the big power outage of 2003, at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam in 2004, in Chicago O’Hare in 2006 (for 2 nights!!!) and one emergency landing in Frankfurt on the way to Manchester. Well, i guess it could be worse.

10. I haven’t posted all the things i have made during the last year. Ha – how tragic! But i will get to it!

Whow, you read all this? As you know now, i prefer real friendships. And honesty is a big part that. I hope you feel a little closer now.

Now I have the task and honor to pick 7 from all the wonderful blogs in the big wide Blogosphere that i find brilliant, have inspired and encouraged me. Here we go in no particular order:

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