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Project log

Whow, the year is almost over. I managed to get a lot of things done, yet there is even more to do! Her a list of things i will be working on in the next couple of weeks/months:

– design and make a bag for a book project my friend Susan from westcoastcrafty is working on.
– design and make a bag for my friend Tina, the Amsterdam-Herzo normad
– make a recycled leather bag and line with one of my lovely natural dyed silks, just for me.
– make an origami cardigan
– dye custom fabric for a village frock for Leona before Christmas as a present
– cushions for presents
– use the drape drape japanese pattern book for my bunny print (and send images to the designer and Lena Corwin)
– make something for Andy (the poor guy never gets anything :()
– wash, photograph and post to sell so much snowboarding gear on ebay or craigslist!!!
– bake some yummie Christmas cookies
– get a tree. And soon!
– continue my felt food calendar. I am planning on making a oven roasted chicken as master piece at the end. But there is no pattern available on the net. Looks like i will have to make one. So stay tuned…

And now, i am getting to work!

Merry Christmas!

I don’t know about you , but i have several projects that i am constantly working on. Especially with having time at my disposal right now i feel i should get to everything that i want to do with ease. Unfortunately this isn’t really the case and the list grows and grows every day with no real checkpoint of what i have actually accomplished. Inspired by makesomething’s crafty list of things to do my project log of all the projects that i like to, need or want to get accomplished at least until i can start earning money again. Wohoo!

Sew a complete wardrobe for Ona. Use following Oliver+S and Heather Ross patterns:

I am trying to be light on the apparel purchasing front these days for obvious reasons. Even though i am not so radical to not buy any clothes at all, i at least pledge to not buying commodity items. There are wonderful designers out there that have incredible business ethos and impeccable style which i want to support if i fall in love but for the time being i see it as my challenge to sew my own. And here is what i set my eyes on so far:

  • a simple dress from this beautiful nani iro double weave print i bought at Josephine’s drygoods.
  • at least one dress from the Mom and Girl japanese pattern book i just ordered. Does anyone think i am mad to dress my little girl like myself?
  • make a tulip skirt from Wiksten Made designer Jenny Gordy from stitch magazine.
  • Create a couple of smocked sundresses from Heather Ross’s free online pattern. – 7/8/09: i made 2 already for myself. One in black bamboo jersey, one in printed cotton.
  • Knit amimono amber, coral and daffodil. Amber is finished! And daffodil on the way.
  • design and concept the perfect summer wardrobe, make it, pack it and take to Spain on our summer vacation.
  • create custom prints for yardage print and print through Spoonflower. Started doing it and here is the link to my profile.

Home and Garden projects:

  • Plant garden following Karen Schwartz’s custom planting design. I have started the progress but can’t continue right now due to an abnormal heat wave here in Portland.  12/7/09 well. I’d say i am done. Even though i have to plant a couple of single plants that i couldn’t get a hand on in fall, everything else is in the ground and looking good. I’ll make pictures in spring when everything is settled.
  • Planters and beautify upper deck and make inviting and beautiful. 7/8/09: am halfway done.
  • Clean up and organize Garage – terrifying! 12/7/09 will start tackling the snowboard equipment this week. Has to be sold through ebay or craigslist. Now is the time!!!
  • Design Master Bedroom and execute it. (This can wait until later this year for sure)
  • Create master plan for efficient house and pantry keeping. Sounds thrilling, doesn’t it? 12/7/09 well, am much more chilled about this. Even if i through stuff out, a week later it’s all back to square one. So keeping it all contained is much more of the question right now.
  • Create weekly food menu with as little as hassle as possible – 7/10/09 looks like i am getting a grip on this. More to come later once i managed to stay on course for at least a month! 12/7/09 actually, this is going rather fine now. Without much hassle as the more i do it, the more ideas i get. I don’t even need cookbooks anymore but if i really am having a hard time i go to and search for ingredients and food suggestions.


  • illustrate ‘The 4 Agreements” for a childrens book. – 12/7/09 i decided this is not a priority anymore and other things became more important.
  • Create custom screen prints as artwork for my Mom’s birthday. I might change this idea to a sewn dress rather then printed artworks. 12/7/09 well this didn’t work out but i made a skirt and a patchwork bag.
  • Improve my photography skills and use it in conjunction with – 12/7/09, have improved and am loving my photos right now. Also the apparel shots with the remote are a lot of fun?
  • regular blogposts. This will be the best tool for me to track my progress! 12-7-09 i am currently doing it and even though it sometimes is a stretch, i have gotten used to it.

Stick with me and see how i am doing.

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